Renewable Energy Transformation Initiative

(known as R.E.T.I. pronounced "READY")

Renewable Energy Transformation InitiativeThe Renewable Energy Transformation Initiative (R.E.T.I) was announced at a joint government/Biofuels press conference in Fiji on October 21, 2008 (click here to watch video press conference via Fiji TV). The press conference announced the details of the first phase of the projects development in the Fiji Islands. The projects first phase will see FD$174 million initially invested in the planting of the energy source known as "Pongamia Pinnata". Pongamia Plantations will be cultivated over more than 100,000 hectares through phase 1 of this initiative.

The system in which farmers will participate is as revolutionary for Fiji as the technology to refine the energy source itself. Through "Contract Growers Agreement" farmers use their land to grow the contracted crops (Biofuels International provides the seedlings at no cost to the farmer) so there is no need for farmers to secure loans to plant the crops. This revolutionary concept for the Fiji Islands was first tested and implemented in the Fij Islands by Biofuels Internationals project manager Frank Eggleton and Biofuels Fiji CEO Glenn Kable. Through the Papaya project for Uno Limited of Fiji; this pilot project catapulted Uno (Fiji) to becoming the largest exporter of Papaya in the South Pacific and established the new concept and strategy of "Growers Agreements" in The Fiji Islands.

Renewable Energy

Based in the Fiji Islands Biofuels International has quickly become the South Pacific's crown jewel for future economic development. Aggressively embraced and supported by the Fiji Government, Biofuels International is working diligently with Fiji and its government to bring about quick development and implementation of this revolutionary economic initiative.