Farming and Technology

Fields of fuelFields of fuel*Special Announcement* is the new exclusive partnership with Biofuels International and Bio-Agro-tech to plant special patented castor seeds throughout the planned plantations in Fiji and Tonga. The first shipment of seed to plant out the trial 100 hectares was shipped in April 2010. The initial small trial generated crops in 90 days yielding twice to three times a year. With 19 varieties being trialed to insure optimization; the first 1000 hectares are anticipated to be completed within the next 3-5 months.

Because of the overwhelming success of the initial trial that generated such successful crop yields It is projected that the newly developed patented hybrids of castor seed will become the number one grown crop in Fiji within the next 18 months.

What makes these seeds unique is CGM™ technology.In development since 2002, the CGM™ platform is based on the insight that conventional mutagenesis and genome multiplication practices often fail because of extensive but unintended damage that they inflict on DNA and DNA-related structures. By eliminating such damage, CGM™ provides plant-scientists with unprecedented scope and latitude in implementing cutting-edge breeding concepts.

CGM™ technology has been successfully tested in several different plant varieties. Our research partners are currently engaged in projects on castor, jatropha, rapeseed, sugarcane, rice, and wheat.

Our High-Yield Castor product is commercially available with more than double the oil yield of leading castor varieties, per hectare.

While we also develop Pongamia Plantations it is important to note Pongamia and Japtropha farming while important is just a fraction of the complex variables involved in moving the world past fossil fuel consumption. The method of refining Pongamia/Japtropha to being a universal world class fuel is a complicated challenge all to itself.

In the early days of bio-diesel/bio-energy there were many that brought promises but few that brought proven results. Biofuels International has been quick to distance itself from those with such one dimensional thinking bringing react before research philosophies. We at Biofuels International pride ourselves on research and proven commodities. Which is why our research station in Dreketi (Fiji Islands) is the largest pongamia research and development site in the South Pacific dedicated to the seed selection process for Pongmaia commercialization. While Bio Fuels International is aggressively developing the pongamia brand for commercial plantations the industry has not reached a point to where it is responsibly researched enough to advise anyone to invest in such crops as pongamia as a commercial farming investment. Our plantations are 100% company funded in partnerships with landowners which means landowners have no investment yet receive returns on the crop production. We take these risks for purpose of research and a scientific process for seed selection. All in the pursuit of addressing the energy crisis as a global concern.

Renewable Energy

Based in the Fiji Islands Biofuels International has quickly become the South Pacific's crown jewel for future economic development. Aggressively embraced and supported by the Fiji Government, Biofuels International is working diligently with Fiji and its government to bring about quick development and implementation of this revolutionary economic initiative.