Who leads Biofuels International

Bio Fuels International

Listed below is Biofuels Internationals executive team

Tim Gibbons

United States, Biofuels International Investor, Branch Partner of U.S. Benchmark Mortgage Bank, Winton California and Chief Executive Officer of US operations National Employee Benefits Group; Brings 20 years experience in financial operations, corporate development and marketing. Responsibilities include company management and structure, international strategies and investor relations.

Mr. Gibbons experience in Fiji goes back many years in which he played a vital role as a CEO in the Fiji Telcom business. Mr. Gibbons led major debate in the restructuring of international calling charges for the country. As an outspoken activist and CEO his company reduced calling charges in Fiji by nearly 80%. He is credited by many as being the driving force that created Fiji's major push to deregulate and open the Telcom markets in Fiji.

Mr Gibbons relationships with government leaders and his reputation with the people of Fiji as a pro people leader has enabled this Biofuel project to get national recognition as a fast tracked project with government endorsement.

Dennis Hopkins

United States, Biofuels International Investor, Major Real Estate Developer, Previously Branch co- partner of (U.S) Benchmark Mortgage Bank, Owner of Almond Orchards in Northern California as well as a Champion Trainer in Horse Racing. Owner of Hopkins Thoroughbred Racing. Mr. Hopkins brings years of Agriculture experience ranging from farming to dairy industries.

As a major financial investor Mr. Hopkins brings with him the relationships in the California Agriculture business that make up a major part of commitments to annually purchase in bulk more than 25 million gallons of Bio-Fuel Internationals production. Mr. Hopkins also represents an investment consortium made up of major players in the California Agriculture and Farming Industries.

Frank Eggleton

Frank Eggleton- Masters degree in Agriculture from Queensland University(Australia), Specialized in Agriculture Project Development, Brings 40 years experience in major agriculture developments. Worked and headed many agriculture development projects for The World Bank, Australia and New Zealand Government Agricultural development projects. Played a vital role in the launch of palm oil plantation developments in Malaysia and Indonesia. Will implement and oversee Pongamia plantations as well as provide vital support to farmers countrywide in relation to our Fiji R.E.T.I project.


Dr. Doron Gal
CEO and co-founder

Prior to being named CEO of Kaiima in November 2007, Dr. Gal served in the company as VP of Business Development. Earlier, he was Senior Energy Consultant at Epsilon Investment House. He was an Adj. Lecturer on Energy and Geo-strategy at the Lauder School of Government, IDC Herzliya, a Senior Research Fellow (Energy) for the Institute for Policy and Strategy, and also consulted to investment groups and government agencies. Doron was also President of Digigroups Corporation and he obtained his Ph.D. in Geophysics from Stanford University.

Amit Avidov
CTO and co-founder

Mr. Avidov has more than 30 years of experience in the seed industry. Prior to assuming the role of CTO at Kaiima, Amit was CTO for Morning Seeds and Top Seeds, where he oversaw the development of several market-leading vegetable varieties. He was Chief Breeder at De Ruiter Seeds, a Dutch seed company (sold to Monsanto) and he founded AB Seeds (Sold to De Ruiter's), serving as both its CEO and Chief Breeder. Before AB Seeds, Amit worked in Gedera Seeds (sold to Syngenta). To-date, he has more than 400 registered plant varieties to his name. He holds a bachelor degree in Plant Genetics and Breeding from the Hebrew University.

Zohar Benner
VP Sales and co-founder

Responsible for Kaiima's Sales and Marketing, Mr. Benner is a co-founder and former CEO of BioFuel International. Before Biofuel International, Mr. Benner was also CEO of BF Agritech, VP of Sales and Marketing and co-founder in Phytech, a company specializing in plant monitoring, (IPO, TASE). Before this Mr. Benner was Director of Sales for Japan & S. Korea and also Director of Greenhouse Section for Netafim, the world-leading irrigation company.

Dror Maayany
COO and co-founder

Mr. Maayany is responsible of Operations, Administration and Finance in Kaiima. Earlier, he was CEO and co-founder of Morning Seeds. Before Morning Seeds, Mr. Maayany served as Operations Manager in De Ruiter Seeds (sold to Monsanto) and COO in AB Seeds (sold to De Ruiter's). Before this, he was Plant Manager for Aminach and also Die-Casting Plant Manager for Omen. Dror holds an MBA and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering both from Israel's Technion.

Biofuels International is an International investment consortium made up of Bio-energy researchers, Bio-chemists, Agriculture specialists and an advanced Agriculture Bio-tech company with patents and intellectual property rights that insure the long success of productive crops that maximize the yields of our crops. By maximizing the crop yields Biofuels International not only brings more revenue to land owners but also generates more feedstock for the purpose of refining fuel for domestic use which expedites a countries ability to free itself from foreign oil dependency.