Biofuels international is an ambitious project which carries impressive global implications. This privately funded initiative is leading the innovation to the future of renewable energy. Focused squarely on the evolution of Pongamia and Japtropha as the world's new energy source. Biofuels International has a multi layer approach to mass producing energy for global distribution.

*Special Announcement* is the new exclusive partnership with Biofuels International and Bio-Agro-tech to plant special patented castor seeds throughout the planned plantations in Fiji and Tonga. The first shipment of seed to plant out the trial 100 hectares was shipped in April 2010. The initial small trial generated more

Based in the Fiji Islands Biofuels International has quickly become the South Pacific's crown jewel for future economic development. Aggressively embraced and supported by the Fiji Government, Biofuels International is working diligently with Fiji and its government to bring about quick development and implementation of this revolutionary economic initiative.

The Renewable Energy Transformation Initiative